Well, Babes, It’s Finally That Time Again! And ICYMI, I Wrote a Book.

October 13, 2020

If you remember this post, I talked about the next steps or the ones I was planning to take before I postponed to do testing, and then further postponed because of a stupid dude. Well, it’s just about go time again. Basically a year later after postponing, which is still crazy to me.

So as before, I call the doctor on day 1 of my cycle, to go in day 2 for an ultrasound to check my follicle count and make sure all is looking good. Then starts the drugs to help me ovulate to the best of my abilities (Clomid day 3-7, FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) shots) and a trigger shot before the IUI to make sure the egg comes charging out of my fallopian tube, haha.

According to my Clue app, I should be starting in a few days. Eek! This means the IUI would happen around the 27 – 29th of October. I’m definitely a mixture of nervousness and excitement. It means I’m finally moving forward with what I want. I’m also nervous because of obvious reasons. However, I think October is the time. So cross your fingers, send all the baby dust, and good juju.

Another update in case you haven’t seen, I wrote a fucking book! Crazy I know. It’s a short read but so worth reading. It’s called All the Fucks I Give. It’s meant to make you laugh, to inspire you, and also to be given as a gift. All the fucks I give, are none, which is why the book is 90% empty. Chapter 10 packs a punch though. I talk about my journey to not giving a fuck, how I got there, what happened, etc. I even talk about my Deathbed Theory™ which I always get asked about.

It’s dedicated to anyone who has lived their lives giving too many fucks about other people’s opinions, societal ideals, and more. I would absolutely LOVE for you to check it out, grab one for yourself, and grab one for a friend who needs to be reminded to give less fucks in life.

I will update you as the process goes on. Once I have my ultrasound, and start meds. Thank you again for following along, it means so fucking much!


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