We Have a Big, Exciting Update, FINALLY!

January 15, 2021

Last week I took the Clomid all week, had headaches this time which was NOT fun. Saturday and Sunday I did 50 units of Follistim shots each day. Monday morning rolled around and it was time for another ultrasound. Monday (1/11/21) was said to be a really good day to manifest so the whole drive to the doctors office I kept saying this over and over while touching my stomach, “I am fertile. My right ovary is ready to have the best follicles, to produce the best egg possible, because it’s ready to get pregnant. I will get pregnant this month.” Got undressed from the waist down, climbed up on the table, and said it over and over until the nurse walked in.

I always record my ultrasounds for me to see later, for my parents, etc. I have learned what to look for and I watch the measurements on the screen, as well as keep track of how many they count. So during this ultrasound, they counted 5 on the right, one of which was the biggest of both sides at 13.5mm. Then there were 5 on the left side as well, though not as big, and still useless. So that gave me hope to see that. I went home and awaited the call.

Ultrasound 1/11

The doctor called and said this was good news! They wanted me to up the doses of Follistim every day that week and go back in Thursday for another ultrasound. I tried not to get too excited yet but I was definitely hopeful and I cried happy tears. This was the furthest we’ve ever gotten. This was my chance. The shots were definitely getting easier now that I’ve done like 15 or so.

Thursday rolls around. I repeated the affirmation on the way to the doctor because you can never be too sure! Gotta make them stick. I did my blood work and went in for the ultrasound. In watching, I noticed the follicle on the right was now up to 21.6mm!! To my completely untrained eye, this has to be good, right?!

Ultrasound 1/14

I impatiently awaited their phone call. I about jumped when the phone rang. She said, “you’ll do your trigger shot tonight!” and I said “HOLY SHIT!” really loud in her ear. Oops. She went over the calendar and what’s next, and I tried to contain myself and my excitement to actually pay attention.

I called my mom on Facetime and burst out crying. Told her to get on a plane because we’re doing the IUI on Saturday! Aaaahhhh! It’s my fucking time. So I did the trigger shot (in my ass, eek) last night, started Estradiol yesterday (1 twice a day dissolve under the tongue), and then next week I start some vaginal meds (I’ll save the details but you can DM me if you’re curious) and an Aspirin to regulate blood. It’s go time babes.

The trigger shot is 10,000 units (I think) of hCG, which triggers an ovary to mature and release an egg. The shot was fucking interesting haha. I was struggling to get the liquid, turns out my needle wasn’t completely screwed on. I honestly thought it was going to be a huge struggle. It definitely wasn’t as bad as a thought, but being plus size and trying to twist around to stick a needle in your own ass, a tad difficult haha.

Picking up my mom today from the airport, gonna try to hold myself together, haha. Going to enjoy the evening, try to relax as much as possible, and get a good night of sleep before my IUI bright at 10:45 am on Saturday!

So now is really, really the time.

✨ Please send all your prayers, thoughts, baby dust, manifestations, or anything else my way that tomorrow we make a baby! ✨

Because then comes the long agonizing wait. My pregnancy test appointment is set for February 1st. I can’t take an at-home test for at least 11 days because the hCG can give me a false positive. Soooo my impatient ass is gonna struggle.

I also just wanted to say THANK YOU for following along and supporting me. I am going to start talking about it more in-depth on TikTok here soon. Try to connect with some more single mamas by choice. If you want to follow me there. That would be amazing. Now, cross your fingers!

  • Sheyla Knigge
    January 15, 2021 at 10:47 am

    Sending all the baby dust! This is your time! You are ready and you are going to be the most badass momma to your little babe!

    • Katie Seller
      January 18, 2021 at 12:36 am

      Awww, thank you so much!!


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