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September 21, 2020

An update, a year in the making.

I know, you’ve been waiting. I’ve had a lot of DMs and messages over the past year asking me “what’s happening with the baby thing?!” I do everything pretty public, and you all supported the journey, so you’re definitely owed an update.

If you didn’t see my Instagram posts with some details, you missed quite a bit. About a year ago now, I met someone online, also super long distance, so very 2020 of us. Up until that point, I had never met anyone who made me want to postpone the baby thing because I was dead set on doing what I wanted, and that’s it. I met him, and that changed. I saw the future with someone, raising kids with someone. After being alone for so long, and deciding to go the single route, catching this glimpse of not doing it alone was amazing. Until it came crumbling down, and he strung me along for the entire year. Bright side? I got to see London because of him, sooo.

Anyways, now that that is over, moving the fuck on. While it fucking sucked, I also realized that I would never again put my life dream on hold, to wait for someone else. If you’ve read the older posts you’ll know, I was never the kid who dreamt of a wedding, but I’ve had a running list of baby names for as long as I can remember. While I was definitely meant to run businesses, inspire women, and create rad shit. I was born to be a mother.

Where my head is at now is that I’ll do my first IUI with the doctor during my October cycle. The at-home inseminations didn’t work for me in early 2019 (though I still recommend Mosie Baby), so the doctor will help it along. Also, it’s crazy to think that my last attempt was mid-2019. If you remember from this post, I talked about how the next steps go, I went in for my ultrasound and decided to do the genetic testing. For that, they did a vast panel of blood work, like so many vials, to test all the things. The point of doing the testing was to ensure that the donor and I didn’t have the same carrier diseases because that would up the risk of the child having the disease or deficiency. These were my results:

Biotinidase deficiency is an inherited disorder in which the body is unable to recycle the vitamin biotin. If this condition is not recognized and treated, its signs and symptoms typically appear within the first few months of life, although it can also become apparent later in childhood.

Carnitine Deficiency is when not enough (less than 10%) of the nutrient carnitine is available to cells in the body. This can cause muscle weakness and heart or liver problems. You get carnitine through some of the foods you eat. It plays an important role in getting fatty acids into cells to use for energy.

Usher Syndrome, Type 1C is an autosomal recessive disease caused by pathogenic variants in the gene USH1C. While it is a pan-ethnic disease, due to the presence of a founder mutation it is found more frequently in people of Acadian ancestry.

While it all sounds scary, I don’t HAVE those; I am just a carrier. So if the donor or a partner were a carrier, it would be a question to have before proceeding, which is crazy because if you think about it, 99% of couples conceiving naturally don’t do any genetic testing before falling in love and deciding to have babies, haha. But this journey is far from a typical couple conceiving naturally. Basically, most people wing it, but there’s no winging it here. Luckily, the donor is not the carrier for any of these soooo we good!

At this current moment, the plan is to do an IUI with the doctor next month, during my October cycle. If all goes to plan, the kid would be a Cancer also. Not sure if that’s good, though, us both being emotional as fuck, haha. Or I can prepare the kid for life as an emotional person. I still don’t have it nailed down, but maybe my experience will help them? Who knows, but either way, that is the plan currently. I will update you as we go through that, of course.

Thank you for waiting for this update, following me and my crazy ass journey, and being supportive as fuck. It means more than you’ll ever know. Seriously, the DMs asking how it’s going, checking in on me, supporting my through the breakup, etc. has been so fucking amazing. So…

  • Robyn
    September 21, 2020 at 12:14 pm

    So fucking excited for you! Hoping this is your month!


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