The Two-Week Wait, Is Not Fucking Fast Enough.

January 27, 2021

Alright, so we’re about a week through the two-week wait. Someone suggested I tested out my trigger shot. Which basically allows you to see how long it takes for the shot to leave your body. The line was barely visible by day 8 past trigger shot. I decided to stop testing because otherwise, I knew I’d get anxious about the result one way or another. Plus it takes a few days-week after that for a pregnancy to even show up.

The two-week wait is difficult because, of course, you want to test. I’ve read a lot and know that tests wouldn’t even read it for a while. That definitely helps me not to test. Of course, I’m anxious in general about finding out. I’m trying to stay as busy as possible while also remaining not stressed and zen. A struggle, but I’m working on it.

Waiting on the 1st like….

The not so cute info, I have had very minor cramping and I’ve been a tad gassy the past 3 days which is days 9-10 past trigger shot, 10-11 ish days past ovulation. From what I’ve read, these can be signs during implantation, but I am trying not to overthink it all. Easier said than done. Oh also, I ate pickles last night which not usually my thing, like at all. I ate jalapenos like they were nothing, and usually, I can eat a tiny bit of them. Soooo I don’t know.

I’m headed home to SoCal this weekend to do a quick pop up boutique, see my parents and friends. So that will help to occupy my mind a little more right before my pregnancy test appointment on February 1st. If you want to come to the boutique, it’s Sunday, Jan 31st, from 11-4 pm at Beach Cities Dance Studio (18838 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708). I’ll have a small collection of our Metal Marvels stuff. Plus there are other women-owned businesses and a fucking taco guy!

Then I fly back home Sunday night & TRY to sleep before the first.

What’s going to happen has most likely already been decided, but still asking for prayers, thoughts, baby dust, and all the things. ??✨??


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