The Start of My Cycle & an Update!

October 27, 2020

The day finally arrived, albeit late, but my period finally started at 11 pm on Sunday. I text my doctor to set up my ultrasound appointment for that next day. They called me back, and well the lame insurance here in Nevada + they need a prior auth for the IUI cycle. This means my doctor should have told me to call 5 days before the predicted start so they could file that buuuuuut here we fucking are.

So because of that, I wasn’t able to come in for my ultrasound. I freaked out for a second. Then the nurse said they can sort of “freeze” my cycle so we can make it on track to our timeline. Listen, our bodies are fucking WEIRD. So they had me take birth control (seen below) for 5 days, went in on Monday for my ultrasound, and to decide the next steps.

I went in super fucking early on Monday, and they were swamped. Luckily didn’t wait too long. Got an ultrasound done. I recorded it for those of you who want to see my uterus haha. Obviously, you can’t really tell what much of it is. She measures my ovaries. Checks out all the things, takes measurements, etc.

So now the next step is meds. Weeeee! lol. Monday I started taking Clomid, and I’ll take 3 pills every day until Friday. Side effects basically sound like menopause. Headaches, hot flashes, and mood swings. So far the headaches are a thing. Then Saturday and Sunday I inject Follistim, a follicle-stimulating hormone, into my belly which will stimulate my ovaries to produce the best eggs possible. I’m fine with shots, just never given myself one. I’ll go back on Monday for another ultrasound to check the state of everything and make sure we’re good to move forward. I was also given a few more meds. Hormones to help everything work to the best of its abilities, and then the trigger shot that I do the night before, that will make that egg come flying out of my ovary, haha.

Box of meds!

I will update you all with how the shots go, and then again on Monday post ultrasound. Let me know if you have any questions about any of this so far! Leave it in the comments because it might be helpful for someone else, and I’ll respond there.


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