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Let’s Try This a Little Differently

May 5, 2019

This post may contain some affiliate links. Read my disclaimer for more. It’s about time for insemination #2 Read about insemination #1 here When I got the call about the blood test being negative, I was bummed. I definitely cried. I was hoping that I was that small group who got pregnant on the first go. I’m not in that group. I do think something happened. Whether it…

My At-Home Insemination

April 8, 2019

Well, friends, it’s done. I did it. Ahhhh. If you read my blog post about the process, I told you that I got 2 vials for this round of at home inseminations. I chose to do it at home for the first (and hopefully only) round because it could be more comfortable. I could be in my own personal space, in my own bed, with my chosen surroundings.…

Let’s Make a Fuckin Baby!

April 6, 2019

It’s about that time to make a baby. Even though I’m prepped for this, it’s so fucking weird to say that. It’s weird to think that this time next month, I could be pregnant. That this time next year, I could have a 3-month-old. I am trying the first two vials at home because I feel like it’s a more comfortable environment, it can a little more similar…

I’m Anxious as Fuck.

March 25, 2019

Not about the pregnancy, or having a baby, or doing it on my own. I’m anxious because I’m waiting. Because it’s not like a “normal” situation when it just happens, or you plan to try. I feel like because there’s so much more that goes into this, that I’m more anxious. I feel like when a couple is trying is likes “woo! I’m fertile let’s have sex!” Me,…


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