Surprise! I Finally Have an Update.

March 23, 2021

I swear I just posted but I realized it’s been a while. I keep Instagram the most up-to-date, for sure. But in case you missed those, here’s the latest update.

From the PGS testing, I got results on 2 embryos! 1 of them didn’t get enough cells initially, so I had to wait another week while they thawed it, re-biopsied it, and retested it. Stressful! Then we finally got the news. The 3rd embryo had trisomy 22 (an extra 22nd chromosome), making it not viable. Embryo 1 + 2 came back NORMAL!! The only time in my life I’m excited about normal, haha.

I am not quite sure I’ll reveal the sex of the embryos. I do know both of them, but gender is a weird thing for me. I am fully against gender reveals and don’t necessarily think the sex of the baby is something to throw a party for. Who knows who that kid will become at a later date, ya know? I haven’t decided if I will say it at some point or announce the birth and share their name. Although not helpful because my names are pretty unisex. So stay tuned for that.

As my friend said, “I’m a mom!” I’ve got babies on ice. I am so damn excited. I think had a call with my doctor to discuss moving forward. I thought they might suggest another retrieval, but my heart and gut were saying to move forward with the transfer. Then she dropped the bomb; I have a blocked tube. Well, duh, I knew that, but we hadn’t discussed it in a LONG time. I know she said, “it would only be an issue if we ever did IVF.” Well, here we are.

The bomb is that I have to have surgery to remove it before we do a transfer. After that, she wants to do an ERA which is a mock transfer that lets us know if our timing was on if I need an extra day of meds or less. That way, we can have the perfect transfer timing. I hung up with her and cried. It’s not bad news, because if it’s gotta go, then, of course, I’ll do it. But it is frustrating because it just pushes things back further, yet again. She even said, “I know you want to be pregnant like yesterday, but we need to do this first.”

She was booked until April 23rd, pushing it back further. She contacted my OBGYN and his practice partner to see if any of them could do it sooner. At first, they couldn’t, but she happened to run into him at the hospital and told him it was somewhat urgent. Mostly because of my impatience, haha. So they called and were able to move it up to April 12th. He does it robotically, and she recommended that because the recovery time is significantly quicker.

She said 2 weeks after surgery, we can start the mock transfer and that we’re 8-10 weeks from the pregnancy test at the time of surgery. So I imagine my transfer will be sometime in June? But we shall see. Happy birthday to me! I will definitely update you as time goes on.

I go in on the 30th to consult with the doctor; sometime after that, I’ll go to the hospital for blood work and pre-op. Then go on April 12th. Let’s get this tube removed and get this thing moving!


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