Surgery is finally over and I’m down 1 Fallopian tube!

April 16, 2021

In case you missed it, I had surgery to remove my left Fallopian tube. This needed to be done before we could move forward with the embryo transfer. A swollen tube (hydrosalpinx) can leak fluid that can cause an embryo, not to implant. So this fucker had to go.

We (me + mom) had to be there at 6 am! And if you’re familiar, you know I do not do mornings. So that was rough. My body doesn’t do well sleeping before midnight but I made it work. We got there and were told she could be with me until I went into surgery, and she couldn’t be in recovery. Which was annoying having to wake up alone.

I remember getting on the operating table, getting the oxygen mask, then he said “you’re gonna feel something cold.” I felt it, and then I was out. I woke up nauseous as fuuuck. I got sick so she gave me more Zofran, but it didn’t work. So she out some patch behind my ear, and that seemed to work.

I had to get up and try to pee or they wouldn’t let me go. All that went smoothly. Luckily I didn’t get sick anymore. I came home and crawled in bed. Slept on and off. Had soup in the afternoon. And was supposed to eat bland all day but we had chipotle for dinner. My throat was all fucked up from the tube, but somehow it got better with chipotle? ?

Pain-wise, my belly button incision hurts the most. The others are ok. I’ve only taken 600 mg ibuprofen, and none of the others yet (though apparently, I didn’t even need the phenazopyridine, so not sure why they sent it in). 2nd-day belly button hurts worse, and my back hurts. But thankful for heating pads! He found scar tissue and some endometriosis though I never really had symptoms. So he cleaned it all out along with the tube. The doctor told my mom that I’m “ready for a baby now.” So that’s exciting!

Dr. Duke said 2 weeks after surgery we could start the mock transfer. So counting down the days for that, so we can figure out the perfect timing. Then do the FET (frozen embryo transfer) sometime in June I believe!

I’m excited that surgery is finally done and we can move on. Bring on baby!!

Right before posting this, Dr. Duke’s office called me! I go in on the 26th for my baseline appointment for my mock transfer. 27th I’ll start Letrozole 5mg a day, and it looks like I go back in on the 4th. So the ball is rolling and I’m fucking excited!


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