Registry Items I Love & What Items You Can Skip

February 18, 2023

Hi, hello, it’s me. I know, I know, I owe you a birth story and beyond post. Last I posted, we ended the day before induction, and then I ghosted. Well, I had a kid, and that solo, plus running a business, and all the things, it just didn’t fucking happen. But it will, I PROMISE!

For now, I really wanted to give you a list of items from my registry that I LOVE and items that I didn’t really use. That way, I can save you money personally or allow you to ask for items you may actually use, so you don’t have stuff sitting around collecting dust. I know people typically do baby stuff but don’t be afraid to add shit for yourself. It’s your damn day, too, and you need necessities too. I also am going to include items that you can use in the hospital, along with items I definitely could have left at home. If I didn’t use it, I’ll include an alternative if there’s something I used instead.

*Disclaimer: I earn a small % from Amazon if you click + buy them*



Silk pillowcase: I already own this and sleep on it every night, so it’s already a love. I took my own pillow with this pillowcase to the hospital because their pillow sucks, and I’m particular. I am so glad I did. It just brought an extra layer of comfort that was needed because hospital beds SUCK.

Extra long charger: Listen, you’re likely lying in that bed for some time, and eventually, you’ll be updating everyone on the progress or the baby. I brought the extension cord I have, along with the long cable. They worked perfectly in tandem because it allowed the plug to lay at the back of my bed and the cord on the bed to where it was out of everyone’s way, but I had access to it easily.

Large ass water bottle: You gotta stay hydrated, plus hospitals are extra dry. They would bring me their little pitchers, and I’d ask for ice, and just basically keep it full. Ok, but how cute are these?! I wish I had gotten one of these, haha.

Liquid IV: They allowed me to drink them since it’s still clear liquid and it’s just electrolytes. So I’d have at least one a day. They have you on IV, obviously, but I just feel like there’s something different about drinking it. The Golden Cherry is my absolute FAVORITE flavor. I also love acai, watermelon, and passion fruit. Code: KATIESELLER gets you a discount on their site.

I wore this one during the actual delivery
I wore this one afterward in recovery

My own gown: I didn’t want to wear the shitty hospital one. So I wore one during delivery, then changed into another one after I was all cleaned up. I definitely overpacked. I brought like 4. 2 was really all I needed. During delivery, I wore this one, with a velcro opening at the back so they could do an epidural easily, and pulled down at the top so I could feed the babe.


Wrap carrier: This one we used a LOT while traveling, while out and about, and around the house. I didn’t love the slings; they didn’t feel as secure. This one was great and pretty easy to put on once you get the hang of it. We moved out of it once he started trying to stand up in it, haha. No joke, we’d be going through the airport, and he’s bouncing in it. Not comfy for mom. So then we switched to the structured carrier! I love it; it has a front pouch, so when we’re going through the airport, I tuck my ID, and our boarding passes in there. Pockets on the aren’t super accessible if he’s facing me, but they are if he’s forward. The adjustable pad that comes up if they fall asleep it keeps their head from falling back, and it’s great. Oh, and there’s a rain cover conveniently zipped in that little pouch behind the logo.

Structured carrier: This thing we LOVE. It’s the omni breeze and super breathable because it’s as hot as the devils armpit here in the summer. I also love that this gives us the ability to use 4 different positions. He can he facing me, forward facing, side, and back. We haven’t done side and back yet, but we will try soon now that he’s bigger and more mobile.

Breastfeeding tanks + a bra: I LIVED in these both for a very long time. No joke. They don’t necessarily look like a feeding top, but they have the easiest access, and they’re comfy! I even wore one under my wrap while we flew home to CA when he was tiny. It was super easy on the plane to take him out of the carrier, whip out a booby, and he fed while we took off, then proceeded to sleep the whole time. There were quite a few days I rocked the bra and pj pants around the house because who needs clothes? Haha.

Stroller set: I know this is a more expensive set, but trust me. Jaxson slept in the bassinet for the first 5-6 months of his life. We got the stand to go with it. He’s still in the car seat. We use the rumble seat out and about. The stroller has a huge bottom, too, to help carry stuff. I’ve seen some like I love the ease of the doona, but you have the carry EVERYTHING. I’d rather throw shit in the bottom and go. I truly love all of it. We have the car seat in Bryce and the rest in Oat. They have laundry bag attachments for the stand; I personally didn’t want that because the bassinet never left the stand. For ease, I linked to Amazon, but I got mine from a local store. They were selling a floor model. It was basically in perfect condition, and I got a discount.

Snuggle me lounger: This thing is amazing. Jaxson would lay in it for the longest time for naps while we were downstairs. On our chaise, I’d have him between my legs. He’d nap so perfectly snug in there. It helped mama get some quick naps too. Now he still uses it. They say it’s up to 9 months, but when I have orders to pack, I will lay him on it with his bottle in his playpen, watching Ms. Rachel. It’s perfect, even though he’s a little too big, haha.

Newton mattress: I will say he hasn’t used it, haha. He moved from the bassinet to my bed (I don’t want bed-sharing opinions). But it’s a highly-rated mattress, and it’s also more expensive, so if anyone wants to splurge on it, why not.

Dr. Brown’s bottle set: We still use these! We moved up in size; we don’t use the small ones anymore. We use the skinny version as well, but the bottles are great, bub never had any issues with them. Definitely recommend.

Bathtub: This thing was great! It was perfect for a range of ages, super easy to use, and we loved it. We have a gray one but this one is super cute!

Aquaphor set: I love this set. I feel like the other stuff is fragrance-filled and whatnot. Not to mention I use Aquaphor on a daily for myself. I literally have a tube of it everywhere, on the couch, next to the bed, in the diaper bag, on my desk, etc.

Medicine: Most people do gifty stuff, but who needs a bouncer if you don’t have meds when the baby has a fever, ya know? I added these to my list. Tylenol (kids is the same as infants. don’t pay extra $ for infants), ibuprofen, gas drops, butt paste (a few diff kinds). You can buy adapter caps for syringes if you need me.

Nipple cream: If you’re going to breastfeed, just trust me. This shit was the BEST thing I found.

Swaddles! We used these the most. We started with a zipper one. I found that the velcro ones never got tight enough, or he could get out of it. So we started with the zipper because it kept him truly swaddled, plus it had double zippers, so changes in the middle of the night were easy. Then he started NOT liking the fact his arms were down. He wouldn’t settle as well. So I swapped to these SwaddleMe ones, and he wore them (moving up in sizes) until the day he rolled over in his sleep. He LOVED having his hands by his face. He could also move his hand enough to self-soothe but not startle as much.

What I didn’t really use:


I brought my own blanket. It’s not a big one; it’s like an adult lovey. I definitely could have left it at home. It kind of got in the way when it was go time.

Bring your own hairbrush and things. But I didn’t even bring makeup or toiletries other than deodorant and moisturizer. I wasn’t trying to fuss with a lot. Of course, if you think you’ll feel up to it, by all means. But I definitely was not. For your vag, they have EVERYTHING. They give you the witch hazel wipes, numbing spray, big ass pads, and the ugly mesh undies haha. They send you home with a lot of them too.

Portable fan: I didn’t use it in the hospital at all. But if you live anywhere where it gets decently warm or like the devil’s armpit like we have here, I have used it on the stroller to keep babe cool.

Clothes. I brought an outfit, and I wore pajamas home, haha. I lived in the gowns while I was in the hospital, this one specifically. But definitely bring comfy PJs or loungewear to go home in.


Johnson & Johnson Bath set: Honestly, I preferred the cleanliness of the Aquaphor items. His skin didn’t love the fragrance in the lotions and things. And for moisture, the Aquaphor itself worked way better.

The super expensive bouncer. Honestly, I’ve heard a LOT of babies don’t like them. He did fine with a regular one, but he actually preferred a swing. Of course, you can always get it. Make sure you get a gift receipt and exchange it if needed. But, like, who wants to do all that with a 1-month-old?!

My brestfriend pillow. I used it twice, maybe? It was just way easier to use a couch pillow or a pillow in bed. I did, however, get this pillow (on the right) to use between my legs because of my pelvic pain. It worked for that, and now I lay babe on it every night for his bottle to sleep.

All the cute outfits. Unless they’re like six months+, to be honest, your baby will live in pjs, swaddled, etc., for a while. They’re not active, you’re tired, and they’re just perfect in the footed pjs. I will say get zippered ones. Avoid buttons. And make sure they’re double-zippered. My favorites are from old navy and some on Amazon.

Vag ice packs: I didn’t add it to my registry, but I bought the vag ice packs. I honestly didn’t use them. I still have them sitting in the closet, haha. The big add pads + the witch hazel pads were enough. You can squirt on witch hazel, close up the pad and toss it in the freezer. That would honestly probably work better than the ice packs. I didn’t find them to get very cold.

Pump: I got a hands-free pump (on my registry) and a regular pump from insurance. I used both, and they both work well. That said, I never really produced a ton, so I never really pumped a lot. He mostly just ate at the boob, then we moved on to formula full-time. Of course, if you plan on pumping and want to pump on the go or at work, I liked the hands-free.

Bibs: Don’t waste your money or your loved ones’ money, haha. Stock up on burp clothes instead. Honestly, until he started eating solid food, he didn’t wear a bib. I would just toss a burp cloth up under his neck while he drank his bottle. Taking a bib on and off is just a pain in the ass. I ordered two packs of these (above) in white that way they were easy to bleach if needed.

Baby gowns: while he came home from the hospital in one, they’re just not practical to wear normally. Their legs get cold, and they still need socks. So we opted for onesies and a swaddle. Thicker one if need be.

I hope this helps! I feel like people are always pushing the most expensive, and besides the stroller, I didn’t opt for the most expensive shit. Especially bouncers, so many swear by the mamaroos, but like, no, thank you. He loved a swing that cost half the price.


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