Now, Let’s Get You Caught Up to Pre-Delivery! Sound Good?

April 18, 2022

This was written on March 5th.

So the second trimester started with more energy but not so fun pelvic pain. It also meant I graduated from my IVF clinic and was officially an OB patient. It was bittersweet leaving my IVF doctor because she obviously made this whole thing happen. But obviously, I was excited to keep this babe growing, and get to see him a bit more. It also meant starting at my high-risk doctor due to my age and being an IVF patient.

I will say, my least favorite part solely for the money aspect of it. High-risk doctors are expensive, and so is everything they do. Especially when this particular office requires payment upfront, and insurance covers very little. Don’t get me started on my hatred for the American healthcare and insurance system. They’re both a business and they don’t mind fucking you any chance they get. Wanna stay alive? $$$$. Wanna die? $$$. Insanity.

But I digress. Being “high-risk” and IVF does get me a few more ultrasounds than a natural pregnancy, and specialized things like a more in-depth scan known as the nuchal translucency scan and blood test to check the space behind his neck to make sure it doesn’t point towards any neural tubal defects and the blood test to check for down syndrome or any other issues. A few weeks later you get an anatomy scan to check his anatomy, all organs, and make sure everything looks normal. Then you move on to the echocardiogram which lets a specialist look at all the areas of the heart to make sure everything is pumping and flowing as it should. All of these while somewhat tedious also gave me the ability to see the tiny bean way more than a normal pregnancy. I’ve heard from a few people that they only had 3 ultrasounds. 3! I had 1 at least every 3-4 weeks, and towards the end, it progressed to more especially once we started checking his size.

He’s got lips like his mama

He always measured ahead, and my uterus always measured ahead. This is so crazy to me because while this week I started feeling HUGE, prior I have felt small this entire pregnancy. I think losing weight prior to all of this left skin, and room for him to grow into, haha. I didn’t weigh myself in the first trimester, but from the second trimester to the end, I actually lost 5 lbs. I was small and I told my doctor for the longest time that I didn’t feel pregnant. Until he started moving, and then I definitely felt like it. He’s always been super active. I told my mom he’s a mini breakdancer in there.

Things have progressed smoothly. Starting around 35 weeks the pelvic pain went from painful to fucking awful because it was constant. I tried physical therapy but honestly don’t think it did a damn thing. It was around 36 weeks that my OB mentioned he would be inducing me, and early! WHAT?! I didn’t even know that was a plan. Apparently, due to being on the Lovenox (blood thinner shot) the entire pregnancy, they prefer to induce that way it’s more of a controlled thing instead of spontaneous birth, and apparently, I cannot have an epidural until 12 hours after my last shot. At 36 weeks I did switch to Heparin, which has a shorter half-life, meaning it’s out of my system sooner so there’s less of a chance of bleeding out in an emergency. It’s 2 shots a day vs 1 which is annoying, but oh well.

He wanted to induce me at 38 weeks but high risk said nope! So we scheduled the induction for March 6th. I’m writing this on March 5th, so it’s obviously tomorrow, AHHHHH. I will be posting this after, and then updating once the babe is here. As usual, Instagram has the most up-to-date info on my life. If you don’t follow yet, head here!


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