Not Sure Why I Expected Anything Different from this Cycle!

May 13, 2021

It seems like it’s been forever since we started this. I had my first appointment on April 26th (2 weeks post-op). I started Letrozole then went back for another check. Then after that check, I started Gonal F. Went back in a few days, another check. Upped the dose of Gonal F, another check. Now I’m still on it and another check. We’re now one month post-op.

IVF as a whole has been “hurry up and wait” but something about this cycle has been annoying me. It might be that I am just SO fucking ready for my FET. Maybe it’s having to go get poked and prodded every few days with no real answer yet as to when the mock actually will be. According to my calculations initially, it would be this weekend. But we’ll see once they call post-appointment because now I feel like it’s next week.

I did however start using the Mira to track my LH & Estrogen levels to sort of gauge where we were at. When I was trying to get pregnant on my own, this would have been amazing. It tracks your numbers every morning, with your morning pee, scans it & then adds the data to the app so you can track where you are in your cycle, when you’re ovulating, etc. It’s seriously cool, and yes that’s my pee haha. You’re welcome. It’s $199 but it’s FSA/HSA qualified, FDA approved, and really fucking rad.

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So back to the cycle, I think I’m mostly frustrated that there’s no schedule. I’m a planner and not one ounce of this shit is scheduled. I get a calendar a few days at a time, and it’s a play-it-by-ear until the next appointment. I just wish I could get a set schedule. I’ve been poked and prodded more times in the past 2 weeks than probably this whole thing haha.

Since writing the first part, I FINALLY got more of a schedule!

Ps.. still OBSESSED with this entire MyVitro Essentials kit. I keep every calendar in here!

I did my last shot of Gonal F last night. I do the trigger shot (Pregynl 10,000 units) tonight at 6 pm in my ass. Sunday – Friday I do the Endometrin (vaginal suppositories) 3x a day. I have a blood draw Wednesday. And then…


Woo hoo!! I’ll update more as the week goes, the med schedule, how those are going and more!


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