My Left (and blocked) Side is Throwing a Rager.

November 4, 2020

So here’s the latest. I went on Monday after taking the Clomid all last week. Followed by a shot each day of 50 units of Follistim. The ultrasound (sped up + showed below) looked good to my naked eye. I could tell by the measurements that my left side was definitely better than my right. They recommended we up the dosage of the Follistim Monday & Tuesday, and come back in today for another ultrasound. In case you don’t remember the status of my uterus, my left fallopian tube is blocked, rendering it basically useless.

Went today for the ultrasound to see how things were progressing with more of the Follistim. Well, my left follicles are throwing are fucking rager. They’re beautiful, growing, and thriving like it’s their motherfucking time to shine. Listen, bro, you literally can’t help me. Calm the fuck down.

Now the sad and really frustrating news, my right side while they grew, they are nowhere near ideal and she’d rather not chance it and then waste sperm. I obviously would rather not either, especially since I only have 2 vials left and he is no longer donating. Ugh. But let me tell you it sucks. More so I’m frustrated and resentful about putting it off for the British setback. I don’t regret anything in life, except maybe that…

But basically we’ll do this alllllll over again next month. Same meds, and whatnot. More ultrasounds and hope that my right side gets it shit together next month.

So cross your fingers and send all the baby dust to my right ovary, haha.


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