It’s Here. We’re Finally In The Embryo Transfer Cycle!

June 7, 2021

Trust me, I know; it felt like it took fucking forever to get here. But we’re here! I started my period while in CA, which I had a feeling I would, and I discussed it with the nurse ahead of time. I took my birth control with me just in case; that way, I could start it + get my cycle on their schedule. CA was a blast! I got to see my people for more than a day, got to go to a Dodgers game, oh how I missed that. Grandma turned 90 + we had the best little party for her. It was really great.

So I came home Tuesday, + they scheduled a baseline for Friday. As usual, this is the starting point. The test to see where everything is at. I didn’t yet hear if we had results for the ERA (Endometrial Receptivity Analysis), which is the test that gives them perfect timing for the embryo transfer. She called post-appointment and asked if I could come in Monday for a saline ultrasound. Which I was under the impression I didn’t need, but apparently, my surgeon didn’t look in my uterus at all. Which had I know, I would have asked him to, so I didn’t need to go through the SIS.

That syringe is full of saline that is put inside my uterus via catheter (ouch)

I went for that Monday, and it was painful as fuck. Not as bad as the HSG I had done, slightly better than the biopsy, but fuck, none of these are fun, haha. It was nice because I got to see the nurse Christine, which most basic appointments are just the ultrasound tech. So this appointment, I got to ask some questions that I kept forgetting. I asked about some supplements, like bromelain (which is found in pineapple core or supplements), to know the timing for taking those. It’s still on par with normal; I start the day of embryo transfer + take it for the following 4 days. This is not a requirement, more of a personal choice since bromelain is said to help because it’s anti-inflammatory and a good vitamin source. My doctor previously suggested pomegranate juice and brazil nuts as well.

I also asked about the ERA results which she said, “I’m pretty sure we got them!” During these procedures, I’m learning birth breathing, haha. It’s all that I can do to try to lessen the pain of the cramps. Good news? Well, first of all, our bodies are weird, and our uterus’ are small, haha. Also weird to watch it on an ultrasound + see the saline swirling around inside of it. I watched, and I didn’t see anything, so I asked, “sooo are we good?” She said, “we’re great! I don’t see anything in here, so we’re good to start!” PHEW! I exhaled so hard you have no idea.

So that was finally done. I asked all my questions and met her outside to get the results of my ERA. As I walked up, she said, “you’re perfect!” This means my results were Receptive, which meant the timing we used was perfection. So the schedule I was on, which was 161 hours after my trigger shot was when we “transferred,” is the same schedule we need to use. They actually say 161 +/- 3 hours. That window is ideal. I said

Holy shit! My body is working as it should?! Damn!

So that is good fucking news. I ordered all the meds last week. Though they’re not all on my calendar yet, I wanted to order them just to have them in case there are schedule changes. My approximate transfer date is the 28th, but this can change depending on how my body responds to the meds. I posted it as the main pic because look at all those meds!! I started the letrozole pills last night. I will start Gonal F shots Saturday + Sunday, then go back Monday for an ultrasound + blood work.

It’s so crazy to think how close it is. I turn 35 on the 25th. I’m honestly not sure if I want it before or after my birthday. I do like that the find out time is past my birthday, because hello anxiety. I can’t drink, though, soooo a dry birthday, but it’s oh so fucking worth it! I am now basically trying to get so much shit done before it gets here. I got rid of the dining room + made it an office. While the old office is still a disaster, it will be the tiny babe’s room. Of course, now I can’t decide exactly how I want to do it, though it will obviously be ON BRAND color-wise.

Anyways, that is the update for now! I thank you for riding along on this journey with me, for all the messages, for all the Venmo’s + GoFundMe donations, and just everything. It means more than you know. Truly. As always, the most up-to-date postings live on Instagram, especially stories. Come follow me there!


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