I’m a Bit Frustrated, to Be Fucking Honest.

December 14, 2020

It seems crazy that my last update was a month ago. But I had to wait the 2 weeks for my period to show up before starting the process alllllll over again. So my cycle started the week of Thanksgiving, meaning I would have had to go in that Wednesday or on Thanksgiving. Which obviously wasn’t possible, so yet again I started the birth control to push my cycle out.

Then came Monday following Thanksgiving and I went in for an ultrasound. We’re ready to go yea? Of course not. They think I have a cyst. Keep talking the birth control, and come back Friday. Friday rolls around, go in for another ultrasound. Well it’s for sure a cyst, hasn’t grown, but hasn’t shrunk either.

I’ve been prodded quite a bit lately without the fun of truly being prodded. For fucks sake. So I was told to continue the birth control, and go in this past Friday to see how things are progressing.

Good news first, the cyst did shrink about 50% ish, so that’s a good thing. However, it is still there. While we could move forward, they would rather it be resolved before starting meds because it was producing estrogen. I am somewhat ok with taking a break because I feel like my body doesn’t know what the fuck it’s doing with itself and I obviously want to have the best chance of getting pregnant.

So the next steps. I will wait for my period to start, and then start taking the birth control again on day 2. This helps further reduce the cyst. She’s hoping by the week following Christmas it will be gone. She said it usually takes 6 weeks. I know that things are made larger for them to see, on an ultrasound but to me it looked big. That said, my doctor was not worried in the slightest and didn’t think going in to drain it was even worth it. Which definitely made me feel a lot better.

The big black area, is the cyst. What she called a “simple cyst”

So now we wait, and see. Yet again. It’s definitely frustrating. I get frustrated at my elf every time for putting it off, like what if I hadn’t waited. I’m frustrated at my body for not having its shit together. I know, “it will work out when it’s supposed to,” but that even more frustrating. I’ll be fine, we’ll make it work, and in the end I’ll get pregnant. I’m just a bit tired of waiting.


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