How To: Inject Gonal F + Menopur During IVF

February 21, 2021

I wanted to share some videos to hopefully help make all of this easier for someone. I am lucky that I didn’t bruise the way I’ve seen others do it and don’t mind needles. So it all went pretty smoothly!

How To: Gonal F + Menopur

Every day. 2x a day. The week leading up to egg retrieval. ? These help the follicles mature and grow and produce the best eggs possible.

A few people made me worried about the difficulty of mixing these two but I found it rather easy. This allows you to do 1 shot 2x a day, instead of 2 shots 2x a day for FOUR shots a day.

You can easily use the Gonal F pen to add your dose to the Menopur. Then follow the normal mixing of Menopur. Still 1mL of liquid. My dose is 150 units of Menopur which is 2 of the 75 unit vials.

  • Inject Gonal F into powder.
  • Put Qcap on diluent, screw on the syringe, push 1mL of air into that bottle, then draw 1mL of liquid.
  • Remove Qcap + Syringe and insert into Menopur bottle with Gonal F + draw up both
  • Repeat on 2nd bottle of Menopur, mix, then draw up, screw on the needle + inject!

How To: Cetrotide

This one is much easier. It’s once a day, usually at night. I like it because the liquid comes preloaded, and all you have to do is mix.

  • Attach larger mixing needle
  • Add liquid to vial of powder
  • Swirl to mix
  • Turn bottle upside down with needle inside & draw up all the medicine
  • Remove the larger needle and replace it with the smaller injection needle
  • Inject!

My follicles def grew from the meds. I believe I did them an extra day to help them grow as much as possible. I was definitely bloated from all of the meds, which continued after retrieval. Not a lot of pain, or bruising.

Have you had experience with these meds? How did it go?


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