Holy Shit, It’s Officially Go Time Babes! Can You Believe It?

June 22, 2021

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So much has happened since my last post on the 7th. I took the Letrozole, did 2 days of Gonal F, + went for a check Monday. My lining was thickening & my follicles were growing. Yay! I then continued the Gonal F shots + on the 16th, and I added Cetrotide to stop me from ovulating early. My follicles grew in 3 days from like 7 to 13-15mm. I started getting a bizarre feeling that my transfer was going to happen on my birthday. I mean, how fucking crazy would that be? So after that Cetrotide shot, I went in Thursday for another check. While awaiting this call and getting my car serviced at Kia, they cracked my fucking windshield. That was fun, but I threw a fit, + they fixed it, haha.

So she called and said 1 more Cetrotide shot, but “we’re getting close!” And that I needed to go back the next day for 1 more check. So I did! I watched the screen and saw my lining at gotten to 10.77, which is super good, and my follicles were 19-22mm. So in my head, I’m like, holy shit, it’s definitely happening on my birthday. So I went home, got my windshield fixed, awaited the call. She calls at 2, all excited, and made sure I was home + said, “You’re triggering at 4:30! I wanted to make sure you were home to do it.” I said, “wait, so my transfer is happening on my birthday?” She said, “IT SURE IT!” Holy fucking shit.

My birthday is this Friday, the 25th. I turn 35, and I become pregnant until proven otherwise (PUPO). Or my favorite, pregnant + staying pregnant (PASP). ??✨

If you remember, I was super bummed when I found out I needed the surgery, + everything was delayed. it sucked at the time, + so many people said, “trust the timing.” I tried my hardest, + I feel like they all were right. This timing just feels right. I’m a Cancer, and we’re in Cancer season. I’m turning 35 on the 25th, and the baby was graded 5AA (numerology says 5 is about bestowing good fortune and is advantageous). It just feels so fucking right.

So we got mom scheduled on a late flight Thursday for after her banquet, so she can be here for it! And now the med protocol intensifies, haha. Like whoa. Every day I’ve started, + will start something new. Most of which continue until positive test (DHEA & Melatonin stop with a +). Everything else continues until 8-11 weeks.

  • Z-pack prevents infection or any bad bacteria before the transfer.
  • Endometrin suppositories are progesterone + make you feel constantly like you peed your pants a little, haha. Literally WAP to the max. It’s fucking weird.
  • DHEA reduces the odds of pregnancy loss + helps with implantation.
  • Lovenox reduces the risk of miscarriage and/or prevents deep vein thrombosis (prevents blood clots).
  • Predisone improves the embryo implantation rate after IVF and protects against miscarriage.
  • Baby Aspirin anti-imflammatory

On the day of transfer, I take the valium and ibuprofen as usual. I’ll also be adding beetroot + bromelain supplements. They suggest eating pineapple core, but if you’ve ever tried to bite the core itself, not fun. Those help with blood flow to the uterus, blood thinning, and anti-inflammatory. I feel like we’re doing everything we need to do to make this successful! I started acupuncture again, but I am not sure they’ll be available to be at the office on the transfer day.

Tuesday, I am getting a stitch in my cervix. Fucking weird, I know. But my uterus is tilted, so when she does procedures, she usually has to pull my cervix into place, which causes downward contracting, which we don’t want. The stitch allows her to do it without affecting the process. Then Wednesday, I do blood work and get an Intralipids infusion right after. These are typically used for people with frequent miscarriages or IVF failures. They deactivate natural killer cells in a woman’s body, which may prevent embryos from implanting and growing properly in the uterus. So, as I said, my doctor is doing ALL the things to make sure this tiny babe sticks.

I am excited and feeling super hopeful. I’ll be on bed rest for a few days. My pregnancy test is 10 days later, but I will likely test some at home because I’d much rather be prepared either way. That said, I likely won’t say anything until at least the 2nd beta when it’s positive. Just to confirm, but likely won’t be able to hold off until the ultrasound because that’s too long, haha.

Again, I want to thank you for being along this journey with me. It’s crazy, exciting, stressful, and amazing. Send all the baby dust, prayers, thoughts, etc., that Friday I become AND STAY pregnant. ?

  • Michelle
    June 24, 2021 at 3:41 pm

    I’m so excited for you! I will think sticky embryo thoughts tomorrow and cross everything! You’ve been through so much, I really hope this is the one that was meant to be your babe.

    • Katie Seller
      June 30, 2021 at 5:14 pm

      I’m sorry I am just now seeing this. Thank you SO much!!!


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