Single Mother by Choice


March 17, 2019
Choosing a donor

In this case, a lot of weight. That’s it. That’s the number, #13971. The 50% of the magic needed to create my baby. It’s one number that holds so much weight, the weight of life. I spent a few weeks searching and browsing baby pictures, adult pictures, stats, physical attributes, and more. A few weeks spent to choose the perfect one finally. Cryobanks I obviously had not yet…

I Didn’t Dream of a Wedding.

March 15, 2019

For years I went from long term relationship to the next in an attempt to find the person who would ultimately give me what I’ve wanted my entire life… A child of my own. I had some great relationships and people I loved, but a few of them ended in direct relation to the fact I wanted babies, and they didn’t (yet). As the years have gone on,…

Here We Fucking Go!

March 15, 2019
Katie Seller CEO

Let’s see, I had a ton of time lying around, so I figured, why not add a blog. That was complete sarcasm FYI. However, this is important to me. Since announcing my choice to create and raise a baby on my own, I’ve received a ton of messages asking me more info, asking me to share more, and super curiosity to how it all works. So here we…