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Katie Seller CEO

My name is Katie, and I’ll be 37 in June. I’m single as fuck, running a business I created from the ground up, and living the life of my dreams. I bought a house and moved from Southern CA to Henderson, NV.

I make a living using profanity (my favorite language, which you’ll learn fast) and creating badass products to encourage people to be themselves, give the finger to societal standards, and live life their way. I am the CEO and creator of Babe co. (formerly Metal Marvels) and Fucking Good Coffee. I’m also the voice of the Boss Bitch + a Baby podcast helping further to support women on this entrepreneur journey and in life.

Growing up, I never fantasized about a wedding, but I always dreamt of having children. I’ve had a running baby name list for as long as I can remember.

This blog is about the journey of being a boss bitch while becoming a single mother by choice, and now the journey of raising a baby while doing all of the above. As my journey progresses, so does the blog. I will include everything to do with this journey, letters to my babe, business things, etc.


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